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Values Led Education

Values are principles that drive behaviour and influence our actions and attitudes. Values Led Education supports behaviour for learning, relationships and personal wellbeing so that children can flourish and make a positive difference to the world.

We have carefully selected values to explore in school each month through PSHE lessons, assemblies and on a day to day basis in our learning and relationships with each other. The value of the month is published on the main page of the website and on display boards around the school.

Please let us know when your child demostrates these values at home in our Friday sharing assembly.


MONTH Year A Year B – Current
September Unity Harmony
October Responsibility Sharing
November Peace Courage
December Joy Happiness
January Determination Freedom
February Love Friendship
March Patience Compassion
April Hope Forgiveness
May Honesty Perseverance
June Trust Cooperation
July Tolerance Respect

Respect values certificates 2018:

Y1 – Hannah
Y2 – Joe
Y3 – Carlo
Y4 – Asha
Y5 – Ria
Y6 – Rutvi

Compassion values certificates 2018:

Y1 – Jack A
Y2 – Lily F
Y3 – Lacey M
Y4 – Lucy B
Y5 – Lily H
Y6 – Justin N

 Friendship values certificates 2018:

Y1 – Lacey H
Y2 – Josh B
Y3 – Hayden I
Y4 – Georgia S
Y5 – Jack S
Y6 – Tino

Freedom values certificates 2018:

Y1 – Brooke M
Y2 – Jaydon A
Y3 – Will A
Y4 – Freya H
Y5 – Ria M
Y6 – Avin

 Happiness values certificates 2017:

R – Rhys C
Y1 – Erin R
Y2 – Owen C
Y3 – Lennon B
Y4 – Florence O
Y5 – Riley C
Y6 – Rutvi S

Sharing values certificates 2017:

R – Joseph G
Y1 – Layla H
Y2 – Katy M
Y3 – Sienna S
Y4 – Harry M
Y5 – Abbi R
Y6 – Teddy O

Harmony values certificates 2017:

R – Luke F
Y1 – Scarlett E
Y2 – Penny L
Y3 – Will A
Y4 – Grace K
Y5 – Sadie E
Y6 – Justin N