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Maths and Science Faculty

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Faculty Newsletter 2018

Science Ambassadors

  • Jack, Aayat, Katie, Joe, Kailan, Aroosa, Finley, Florence, Lily, Ruby

This team of Terrificccc scientists will help the school to follow our principles for scientific learning.

Terrificccc principles

January 2019

A pop-up science club saw the Scence Ambassadors and fellow KS2 pupils investigating fingerprints. Florence commented that she didn’t realise finger prints could be classified into three distinct types.


December 2018

In seasonal mood, the whole school investigated fake snow – a synthetic polymer with super absorbent properties.  In many classes, the children followed their own lines of inquiry.  They wanted to know what would happen to it, whether it would change depending on where it was placed, whether food colouring or the surface area of the bowl would affect it. Some samples were mixed with salt and soap whilst others were placed in the freezer.

Observations were made over the course of the week. Linking with maths, the children presented their results in table and graph form and described what they noticed.

November 2018

Mad Science, in conjunction with Affinity Water, delivered a highly entertaining and informative assembly about water conservation, combining science with raising awareness about the need to carefully use the precious resource of water.  The Science Amabassadors gave it a big thumbs up.

October 2018

The Terrificccc Science Ambassadors created posters to publicise the principles.

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