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Well-Tech Faculty

Well-Tech Faculty

Well-being and Technology

Faculty Newsletter

Faculty Newsletter 2018


Sports Leaders

  • Susannah, Charlie W, HM, Evie and Joscelyn
  • Riley, Stanley, Oliver, Lexie and Darcie

September 2018

Today the sports leaders were confident to introduce themselves in assembly to the whole school. They explained that they will be leading some competitions this year and that if children need a game to play at lunchtimes they will be available to help teach different games.
The sports leaders have also met to discuss their actions for the year.



Trotts Hill is committed to helping its pupils and staff use computing with purpose and enjoyment. We teach the importance of using computing safely. We aim to help pupils develop and consolidate their knowledge, skills and understanding within the computing curriculum so that they can become life-long independent learners.

Digital Leaders

  • Bailey and Liam
  • Oliver and Charlie S
  • Lucas and RQ
  • Bella and Georgia
  • Ria, CB and Jessica

September 2018

This month we had our first meetings. The digital leaders checked that each class had the correct eSafety posters on display. They were also in charge of taking photos and videos during our Decade day on the 27th September 2018.


For more information visit our eSafety page