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Faculty Newsletter 2018

Creative Crew

  • Maisy and Preston
  • Tynan and Penny
  • Imogen and Olivia
  • Susannah and Freya
  • Sadie, Georgia and Jack N


May 2019

Creative Crew have bought a tree with some of the money fund raised from the Celebration assembly. Each week they will be decorating it. Once completed, it will be placed in our main office area for everyone to see! We hope to hang different thoughts and comments linked to our school values.

Photos to follow very soon!

April 2019

Trotts Hill had a wonderful Celebration of the Arts! This year we linked our celebration evening with our whole school celebration of 50 years! Each act was linked to a different decade. Everyone performed amazingly, and the parents even got involved for our last song! Everyone worked really hard and Trotts Hill truly showcased how talented they really are!



January 2019

We had a fantastic time when a selection of year 5 and 6 children sang at the O2. We performed with over 8000 other children at the Young Voices Concert.

On our evening we had a special guest Tony Hadley. We sang and danced the night away and although it was a really long day, we all had a fantastic time and it is something that we will remember for a very long time.


December 2018

The school has had a joyful month filled with Christmas dancing in our weekly dance club and some excellent performances from each keystage.

The choir visited Wisden Court and sang to the elderly. It was enjoyed by all! Well done choir!

Our Creative Crew have been very busy writing letters to different companies for donations for an art project later this year Well done to Creative Crew for being so dedicated!

October 2018

This month Trotts Hill recorded the school CD to celebrate 50 years! We had a great time planning, learning and recording different songs across the decades!

My School Cd sent a recording specialist with sound recording equipment! We all enjoyed singing into the mics ( staff included!).