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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Miss Williams is the class teacher and Mrs Hopkins is the teaching assistant.

Year 4 is a very busy year where will be continuing developing a range of skills and knowledge and discovering and learning lots of exciting new things.  We will also work towards becoming more independent learners.

This year we will cover a variety of skills, knowledge and understanding including the following topics:

  • The Amazon rainforest
  • The Ancient Egyptians
  • The Anglo-Saxons
  • Digestion and teeth

We will create clay rainforest tiles and Egyptian tomb paintings in art. We will also study and imitate Picasso and his artwork.

In Year 4 we will work very hard but also have lots of fun learning together.


12th July 2019

LO: To celebrate Bastille Day.

Today we looked at art work by Henri Matisse. We then created our own rainforest pictures using his technique of painting with scissors.


18th June 2019

LO: To perform.

Today we worked in groups to perform the playscripts we wrote last week. We took turns being the different characters (Alice and the Caterpillar) and the director.

14th June 2019

LO: To increase typing speed

We have been practising typing with two hands and improving our typing speed. We have been challenging ourselves to beat our own scores each time and have used Purple Mash 2type to practise.

5th June 2019

LO: To read and perform a script.

In English we are learning about play scripts. We are focusing on Alice in Wonderland.
Today we practised reading and performing a scene from the play: A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

23rd May 2019

LO: To find area and perimeter.

For our outdoor learning day today, we went outside to create our own rectilinear shapes using chalk. We then had to find the area and perimeter of a friend’s rectilinear shape.

15th May 2019

LO: To think about well-being.

Today we visited our new well-being area for the first time. We thought about how it made us feel to be there. We also listened to the next chapter of our class read, Gorilla City by Charlie Small.

8th May 2019

LO: To use prepositional phrases.

In English we are focusing on explanation texts. Today we have been using prepositional phrases to add more detail to sentences and help explain our ideas in a much clearer way. We designed our own Home Learning Machine! In the next lesson, we will explain how this works.

30th April 2019

LO: To identify Roman Numerals to 100.

In class we have been learning how to read and write Roman numerals. We have learnt a really fun song which you can find on You Tube. Today we each took turns being the ‘teacher’ and calling BINGO for a group.

2nd April 2019

LO: To understand Ancient Egyptian beliefs.

Today we learnt how the Ancient Egyptians used to create their mummies. We then had a go ourselves! These are our final mummies:

29th March 2019

Final rugby lesson!

Today we had our final rugby lesson of the Spring term. We have really enjoyed it, so would like to say thank you to Mr T for teaching us some new skills. We played a few different games today, including: the letter game (can you guess which letters we have made?), banana split, ninja tags and bull dog.

19th March 2019

Drama workshop

Some of Year 4 were chosen to participate in a drama workshop today, led by some children from Barnwell school. This helped them to develop their confidence with performing and speaking in a group.

8th March 2019

World Book Day!

We had lots of fun in Year 4 today! We have written our own character riddles, using similes and metaphors. We also made our own book-marks and went to read our stories to Reception.

25th February 2019

Healthy Living Week

In class this week, we have been learning about the importance of getting enough sleep. We have created leaflets to explain why it is important to sleep and how to do so. At home we are also going to complete Sleep Diaries over the next week. We will share our findings in class on Monday!

12th February 2019

School trip to the Fitz William museum.

I’m sure you have heard lots about our wonderful Ancient Egyptian trip to the Fitz William museum in Cambridge today. We had a wonderful time! We loved exploring and observing real Ancient Egyptian artefacts such as: sarcophagus’, mummies, hieroglyphs, jewellery and even toys! In the afternoon, we even learnt how to use real artist paint to create our own Egyptian artwork on real papyrus paper. Our art will be displayed in the classroom, so come and have a look at Parents Evening after half term.

6th February 2019

LO: To investigate electricity.

In Science today, we had different Challenge cards. We had to create different circuits, but predict first whether we thought they would work or not. We then tested to see if our predictions were correct.

1st February 2019

Fun in the snow!

Year 4 built a Snow Miss Williams!

31st January 2019

Mini Olympics!

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon at the Mini-Olympics today! We participated in many activities/sports including: cycling, golf, speed stacking, rugby, tennis, cheerleading and hockey!

Thank you to the parents who came with us and supported us. 🙂

22nd January 2019

LO: To explore Ancient Egypt

Today we flew to Ancient Egypt! When we got there we learnt about Pharaoh’s and Tutankhamun. We learnt that he became King when he was 9 years old, the same age some of the children in our class are! He was King for 10 years and buried in the Valley of the Kings. We also learnt that a British archaeologist was the first to discover his tomb, Howard Carter, and that he found it  by accident!

14th January 2019

LO: To explore electrical devices

We had a range of different electrical devices today and explored the similarities and differences between them. Some of the devices we used were: BeeBots, iPads, Interactive Whiteboard, Nintendo DS, Bubble machine, Robot, Operation board game, Lie-Detector and many other fantastic games!

Thank you to the children for letting us borrow some of your favourite battery-powered games!

10th January 2019

LO: To find features of non-fiction texts

Today we looked at a range of non-fiction texts and created posters about the different features we could find. We will start writing our own non-chronological reports in a few weeks!

12th December 2018

LO: To investigate – our results!

Here are the results and conclusions from our investigation.

5th December 2018

LO: To investigate

We have begun to investigate teeth! We are trying to find out which liquids do the most damage to the enamel on your teeth, but we are using egg shells to help with our investigation. We will find out the results next week!

3rd December 2018

LO: To balance

In gymnastics we have been working on travelling and then moving between different balances. We have been practising balancing with a partner.

28th November 2018

LO: To identify and name teeth

We have been learning about teeth in Science. We used mirrors to check our own teeth and then we recreated giant mouths in the hall, making sure all the teeth were in the correct order.


19th November 2018

LO: To develop fluency

Today we have created our own times table games and checked that they work. Tomorrow we will play each other’s games!

14th November 2018

LO: To read with expression

This morning Year 4 went to read some books to the Reception children.
Aroosa: “It was great to make new friends and communicate with younger children.”
Lucas: “They were all really sensible and listened well to use read.”
Lacey: “They listened really well and when I asked the children questions about the story, they were able to answer them!”

7th and 8th November 2018

LO: To understand Diwali

On the 7th we all really enjoyed learning about the Hindu religion and their celebration Diwali. We each spent time with our house teams to learn more about this event and created different objects, such as: flower garlands, lamps, rangoli patterns and mendi.

In the afternoon, in Year 4, we created our own comic strips to show the story of Rama and Sita. We are going to use these to create our own class book.

On Thursday 8th November, we performed a Diwali assembly to the whole school. We retold the story of Rama and Sita.

22nd October 2018

LO: To create an animation.

We have created our own animations using Lego Movie maker. We based our animations on the quest myth we have been reading in English: Theseus and the Minotaur.

15th October 2018

LO: To identify a wider range of organs.

Today in Science we recapped the digestive system. We then learnt about a wider range of organs and their functions. We were most surprised that the skin is an organ, and it’s the biggest in our body!
We had to put the organs in the correct places on the human body and then choose suitable materials to explain each organ.

11th October 2018

CD Performance

Year 4 performed their song (Count on Me by Bruno Mars) fantastically today. They managed to perform their song in just one take. We can’t wait to hear the finished CD.

5th October 2018

LO:To compare myths.

Year 4 have started to learn about different Quest Myths. Today we shared 4 quest myths and wrote a short summary about each. We then decided which was our favourite and discussed why.

27th September 2018 – Decade Day!

LO: To imitate an aritst.

We looked at the Blue Dog Paintings by George Rodrigue for Decade Day. He created his paintings in the mid 1990s. We then imitated our own paintings by creating a background, and then making a Blue Dog using different shades of blue. All of the art work was amazing, it was extremely difficult to choose which pieces to showcase on our class web page.

17th September 2018

LO: To explore the digestive system.

Today in Science we pretended to be a piece of food. We had to physically travel through the mouth, down the oesophagus and into the stomach. Here, we were met with stomach acids! Then we had to travel through the small intestine and the large intestine, until finally we were released by the anus muscle!

10th September 2018

LO: To name the parts of the digestive system.

In Science we will be learning about the digestive system. Today we had to create our own life-size digestive systems by drawing the organs, labelling the key parts and explaining what each part’s role is.