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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Mrs Chumbley and Mrs Mennie are the class teachers and Mrs Hopkins is the teaching assistant.

Year 4 is a very busy year where will be continuing developing a range of skills and knowledge and discovering and learning lots of exciting new things.  We will also work towards becoming more independent learners.

This year we will cover a variety of skills, knowledge and understanding including the following topics:

  • The Amazon Rainforest
  • The Ancient Egyptians
  • The Anglo-Saxons

We will create clay Rainforest tiles and Egyptian tomb paintings in art.

In Year 4 we will work very hard but also have lots of fun learning together.

5th July 2018

L/O: To write and perform a poem in the style of Allan Ahlberg.

In English we have been reading a range of poems by Allan Ahlberg.  We then wrote and performed a poem of our own based on ‘Please Mrs Butler’.

28th June 2018

L/O: To produce a cubism portrait.

The children had lots of fun creating their versions of Pablo Picasso’s cubism portraits.

21st June 2018

L/O: To write a discussion text.

The children researched information to answer the question: “Is homework good or bad?”.  The children then wrote a balanced discussion text putting forward arguments for both sides of the argument.

24th May 2018

L/O: To create tones of colour.

The children explored how Pablo Picasso created his paintings using different tones and shads of colours.  They had a go at mixing their own.

17th May 2018

L/O: To explore proportions when drawing a self portrait.

The children explored the proportions of their face and created a self portrait ready for our work on Pablo Picasso.

10th May 2018

L/O: To create a group dance.

The children have been working with Mr Sapsed in order to create a dance for the summer fair.

3rd May 2018

L/O: To understand the process of invasion.

The children pretended to be one of the invading Anglo-Saxon tribes.  They played a game which helped them to understand the process of invasion.

26th April 2018

L/O: To describe the stages of the human life cycle.

Children ordered pictures of the human life cycle and described the differences between the body at different stages.

19th April 2018

L/O: To use a timeline.

Year 4 used timelines to investigate invaders and settlers.


28th March 2018

L/O: To write a poem in the style of a well known poem.

Year 4 listened to and acted out the poem ‘Instructions’ by Neil Gaiman.  The poem uses imperative verbs and takes readers on a magical journey.  The children planned their own poem using a story map and then wrote their poems.

22nd March 2018

L/O: To use a variety of media to represent the rainforest

Year 4 used pastels to recreate scenes from the rainforest.  They then used clay to create a 3D rainforest tile.

15th March 2018

L/O: To investigate the regeneration of The Oval

A group of children were selected to take part in a Geography day alongside children from The Leys and Round Diamond.  The children created questionnaires and tally charts in order to investigate current use of The Oval during our visit there.  Once back at school children looked at their results and worked on their proposals for the regeneration.  I was very impressed with the quality of their work and how well the children worked with the children from the other schools.

1st March 2018

L/O: World Book Day and Supertato homework

What a busy week we have had.  Designing Supertatoes for homework, performing in our fabulous class assembly and celebrating World Book Day.

22nd February 2018

L/O: To work as a team.

The children had lots of fun learning about Chinese New Year as part of their House event.

1st February 2018

L/O: To compare strategies when adding decimals.

During the past couple of weeks Year 4 have been calculating with decimals.  They have learnt to regroup, partition, use number lines, use equipment and calculate using the formal method.  The children were given a calculation and had to solve it using four different methods.  Once completed they were asked to explain which method they preferred and why.


25th January 2018

L/O: To write and present a play script.

Year 4 watched a silent cartoon called ‘Sniff and Snatch’ they then had to write a play script adding stage directions and speech for this cartoon.  They then had a go at presenting their scripts to the class.

18th January 2018

L/O: To investigate weather and climate in Brazil.

The children used the BBC weather website and rainforest books to research what the weather and climate is like in Brazil and especially in the Amazon Rainforest.

11th January 2018

L/O: To investigate the rainforests around the world.

The children all looked fantastic in their rainforest explorer costumes.  They had a lovely day producing artwork, playing games, researching animals and even smelling spices!

7th December 2017

L/O: To use body percussion.

Year 4 watched the BBC Ten Pieces introduction to classical music.  They then had a go at creating their own body percussion in the style of Anna Meredith.

30th November 2017

L/O: To be able to speed stack.

Year 4 worked with Mrs Mehan to learn how to speed stack.  They were timed and the children with the fastest times will go on to have a further competition.  Watch this space!

23rd November 2017

L/O: To design and play a game with the Reception children.

As part of Anti-Bullying week Year 4 designed two games which they then played with the Reception children.  They had lots of fun and really enjoyed playing with their younger friends.

16th November 2017

L/O: To understand body proportions.

Mrs Murrill taught the children the proportions of a human body.  The children created sketches using these proportions.  Did you know that an average person is as tall as 8 of their heads?

9th November 2017

L/O: To understand that not all of the information on the internet is true.

Year 4 continued to explore the internet and learnt how to check information from one website with another.  We discovered some amazing results – not all the information published on websites is correct or true!

2nd November 2017

L/O: To produce an Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus

Here is a selection of the amazing homework which Year 4 produced.  Every child worked very hard on their homework project and the results are amazing.  Pop in and have a look!

19th October 2017

L/O: To make observational sketches from Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings.

Year 4 explored a series of Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings.  They discussed what they could see and then made sketches of areas which interested them.

12th October 2017

L/O: To use formal methods of addition to solve problems.

Year 4 used pizza menus to develop their formal addition skills.

3rd October 2017

L/O: To investigate the Ancient Egyptians

Year 4 enjoyed their visit to Stevenage Museum where they investigated the lives of the Ancient Egyptians.