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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3.

Mrs Chumbley teaches on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Mrs Cornish teaches on  Friday.  Mrs Williams is the Year 3 teaching assistant who is class every morning to support pupils with their learning.

Year 3 is the first class in Key stage 2 and children are provided with opportunities to develop the skills that will enable them to be more independent in their learning.  Pupils are expected to become increasingly responsible for themselves as well as enjoying greater freedom around the school.  We provide the support needed for each child to reach their potential as well as enjoy the journey along the way.  Opportunities for group work are frequent as teamwork and collaboration are key skills for a successful life.  Children are encouraged to express their individual talents across the curriculum and there are plenty of opportunities in assembly to celebrate these achievements.  We enjoy sharing their successes in and out of school.

During the year we learn about a range of exciting topics including Europe in geography, the Romans in history and Forces and Magnets in science.  Children have the opportunity to take part in class trips and visits to enhance these topics and they also go swimming in the spring term.  Maths and English are core  subject within the curriculum and parent support at home with reading, comprehension, multiplication and division facts and homework are essential so that children make the best possible progress in all areas of the curriculum.

We all enjoy being in Year 3 and look forward to an exciting year ahead.

14th November

L/O: To produce a Stone Age cave painting.

The children used their skills from the previous lesson to produce a cave painting. Our classroom cave looks amazing.

8th November

L/O: To learn about Diwali.

The children enjoyed the house event where they learnt about Diwali and completed lamps, flower garlands and Mehndi patterns.

25th October

LO: To investigate Stone Age cave paintings.

The children explored cave paintings and used their sketch books to record their thoughts and ideas.
I would also like to thank the parents and grandparents who came to share a book with Year 3. The children loved hearing you read.

17th October

LO: To collect and select vocabulary for poetry.

On Tuesday Year 3 went for an Autumn walk around the school grounds in order to gather descriptive words and phrases.  The children used these to create poems.  The standard of the work produced was exceptionally high and Year 3 should be very proud of themselves.

11th October

LO: To learn about the Stone Age.

Year 3 enjoyed a fantastic day at Celtic Harmony.  They watched fire being created, Stone Age tools being made and took part in hunting and gathering and arrow training.  They finished the day by building a Stone Age den.  The tour leader was impressed with the the children’s enthusiasm and said they were the most knowledgeable group he had ever taught!

4th October

LO: To write and evaluate a play script.

The children used the book ‘Stone Age Boy’ as inspiration for a play script.  They wrote their play script, evaluated with a partner and then acted them out.

27th September

LO: To learn about the decades.

The children looked fantastic in their costumes.  They had the opportunity to learn about the 1980s and learnt some impressive dance moves.

20th September

LO: To understand place value.

The children completed a number of different activities and games which allowed them to develop further their understanding of place value.

13th September 2018

LO: To identify forces

The children were introduced to our new science topic ‘Forces’.  The children identified the forces of ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ and shared ideas of where we use these forces.