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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3.

Mrs Chumbley teaches on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Miss Moles teaches on  Friday.  Mrs Leach is our classroom assistant.

Year 3 is the first class in Key stage 2 and children are provided with opportunities to develop the skills that will enable them to be more independent in their learning.  Pupils are expected to become increasingly responsible for themselves as well as enjoying greater freedom around the school.  We provide the support needed for each child to reach their potential as well as enjoy the journey along the way.  Opportunities for group work are frequent as teamwork and collaboration are key skills for a successful life.  Children are encouraged to express their individual talents across the curriculum and there are plenty of opportunities in assembly to celebrate these achievements.  We enjoy sharing their successes in and out of school.

During the year we learn about a range of exciting topics including Europe in geography, the Romans in history and Forces and Magnets in science.  Children have the opportunity to take part in class trips and visits to enhance these topics and they also go swimming in the spring term.  Maths and English are core  subject within the curriculum and parent support at home with reading, comprehension, multiplication and division facts and homework are essential so that children make the best possible progress in all areas of the curriculum.

We all enjoy being in Year 3 and look forward to an exciting year ahead.

11th July 2019

L/O: To write and perform a poem.

The children wrote their own versions of ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright.  They then presented them.


4th July 2019

L/O: To develop typing speed

The children have been using Purple Mash 2Type to develop their typing speed.  Why not have a go at home?  They have also used Times Table Rock Stars and Hit the Button to help them learn their times tables.

27th May 2019

Trip to Roman Verulamium

The class visited the museum and had an opportunity to take part in a Roman Market workshop.  They dressed up and had to buy various items.  They then looked at the artefacts and displays in the museum.  After lunch in the park, the children looked at a mosaic and underfloor heating system and part of the Roman wall.   The children were praised highly by the museum teacher for their excellent listening skills and participation.  The museum staff said that they were a credit to the school.  Well done Year 3.


20th May 2019

L/O: To investigate what plants need to grow.

The children have enjoyed observing the changes to the plants. The plant with no light and no heat wilted the fastest.

12th May 2019

L/O: To research information about Roman towns and houses.

The children worked in groups to research Roman towns and houses they then presented this information in an Estate Agent pitch.

6th May 2019

L/O: To develop gymnastic moves.

The children have been developing their rolling, stretching and arching moves in gymnastics.

23rd May 2019

L/O: To explore the outside.

As part of ‘Outdoor Classroom day’ Year 3 spent part of the morning reading their adventure stories to each other.  They then worked in groups to produce maps of the school field and playground.  The afternoon was spent playing cricket.

16th May 2019

L/O: To understand chronology.

The children placed events from Roman history in order and then had an opportunity to investigate a large timeline.

9th May 2019

L/O: To understand the life cycle of a plant.

The children explored the life cycle of a plant and then created their own versions.

2nd May 2019

L/O: To explore branching databases.

The children used Purple Mash to explore branching databases.

4th April 2019

L/O: To explore fruit.

The children took part in a fruit workshop where they explored why eating fruit is good.  They also had an opportunity to try a range of fruits including a dragon fruit!  Finally, the children used their own power to make smoothies.

28th March 2019

L/O: To understand how fossils were formed.

The children explored fossils and how they were formed.

21st March 2019

L/O: To create Pop art.

The children continued their work on Andy Warhol and explored his Pop art work and created their own.

14th March 2019

L/O: To develop fine motor skills.

We had a ‘dough disco’ where we used play dough to help us develop our fine motor skills ready for handwriting.

28th February 2019

L/O: To learn some ways in which we can be healthy.

As part of ‘Healthy Living’ week Year 3 focused on looking after their minds.  They took part in a yoga session, a meditation session and completed some mindfulness colouring.  We now feel very relaxed.

14th February 2019

L/O: To explore and create Pop Art based on Andy Warhol

The children explored the work of Andy Warhol and created their own.

7th February 2019

L/O: To investigate rocks.

The children used rock samples and magnifying glasses to examine rocks and their properties.

1st February 2019

Fun in the snow!

Year 3’s had a great time in the snow today. Some children built a snow Harry Kane and Thomas built his own Snow Village.

31st January 2019

L/O: To retell a story.

As part of National Story telling week the children read their own alternative versions of Little Red Riding Hood to each other.

24th January 2019

L/O: To write a letter.

Following our very interesting assembly with Jan from the Kadoma-Stevenage link the children produced Mind maps and wrote letters to the children from our link school.

17th January 2019

L/O: To investigate opaque materials.

The children tested different materials in order to choose a suitable fabric for black out curtains.

10th January 2019

L/O: To investigate databases.

The children used their ‘Top Trumps’ cards to investigate databases.  They then created their own and used them to answer questions.

20th December

L/O: To use a ruler accurately to measure.

The children took part in a CAME maths lesson where they investigated different ‘broken’ rulers.  They had to identify what was wrong with the rulers and then create their own perfect ruler for measuring.

13th December

L/O: To investigate materials which are reflective.

The children were given a selection of materials which they had to investigate.  They gave each material a score depending on how reflective it was.

6th December

L/O: To use sensors and create graphs.

The children completed an investigation answering the question: Which area of the school is the quietest?  The children used sensors to measure sound levels and then produced a graph to show the results.

29th November

L/O: To identify perpendicular and parallel lines.

Year 3 have been investigating different lines this week.  They have identified and created their own perpendicular and parallel lines.  They have also learnt what the features are of these particular lines.


22nd November

L/O: To learn strategies to deal with bullying.

Year 3 have been learning about friendship and bullying in their PSHE lessons.  During anti-bullying week the children created cartoon strips explaining how to deal with bullying.

14th November

L/O: To produce a Stone Age cave painting.

The children used their skills from the previous lesson to produce a cave painting. Our classroom cave looks amazing.

8th November

L/O: To learn about Diwali.

The children enjoyed the house event where they learnt about Diwali and completed lamps, flower garlands and Mehndi patterns.

25th October

LO: To investigate Stone Age cave paintings.

The children explored cave paintings and used their sketch books to record their thoughts and ideas.
I would also like to thank the parents and grandparents who came to share a book with Year 3. The children loved hearing you read.

17th October

LO: To collect and select vocabulary for poetry.

On Tuesday Year 3 went for an Autumn walk around the school grounds in order to gather descriptive words and phrases.  The children used these to create poems.  The standard of the work produced was exceptionally high and Year 3 should be very proud of themselves.

11th October

LO: To learn about the Stone Age.

Year 3 enjoyed a fantastic day at Celtic Harmony.  They watched fire being created, Stone Age tools being made and took part in hunting and gathering and arrow training.  They finished the day by building a Stone Age den.  The tour leader was impressed with the the children’s enthusiasm and said they were the most knowledgeable group he had ever taught!

4th October

LO: To write and evaluate a play script.

The children used the book ‘Stone Age Boy’ as inspiration for a play script.  They wrote their play script, evaluated with a partner and then acted them out.

27th September

LO: To learn about the decades.

The children looked fantastic in their costumes.  They had the opportunity to learn about the 1980s and learnt some impressive dance moves.

20th September

LO: To understand place value.

The children completed a number of different activities and games which allowed them to develop further their understanding of place value.

13th September 2018

LO: To identify forces

The children were introduced to our new science topic ‘Forces’.  The children identified the forces of ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ and shared ideas of where we use these forces.