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Year 2

Hello and welcome to Year 2

The class teacher is Mrs Dent.

Year 2 is an exciting year as the children grow in confidence and become independent learners.

In Year 2 we aim to extend children’s knowledge and enrich the curriculum by learning through enjoyment. We will be learning about lots of exciting things; including:

  • The Great Fire of London
  • Pointillism artwork
  • The Great Plague
  • Traditional Tales

This year, in school, we are focusing on reading and spelling. We will read a range of texts and learn lots of new vocabulary.

Please find below  a great reading list for year 2. This can also be found in your child’s homelearning book.

Brilliant Book List Y2

We encourage children to work hard at school and home, to prepare them for the end of Key Stage SATs and transition into Key Stage 2. We have lots of fun and enjoy learning  new things!

4th July 2019

LO: To understand life cycles.

Year 2 have been learning about life cycles. We had our very own caterpillars that changed into butterflies! We set them free this week.


28th June 2019

LO: To create a geometric pattern.

Year 2 have been researching different patterns and analysing what shapes are in patterns. The children then made their own geometric patterns based on Rangoli patterns.


21st June 2019

LO: To understand different characters.

Year 1 were superheroes this week! We started our new book; Traction Man! The children started their superhero academy training and then learned about a small superhero who looks after household items!

13th June 2019

LO: To investigate micro habitats.

Year 2 visited our own bug hotel to see if we have any new animals living there! We found lots of slugs, snails and spiders.

7th June 2019

LO: To investigate animals and their habitats.

Year 2 had a wonderful school trip. We investigated different mini beasts in ponds and woodland. The children had a fantastic day and showed exemplary behaviour.

23rd May 2019

LO: To create 3D pieces of art.

Year 2 had a wonderful day learning outside. We made our clay mini beasts whilst enjoying the sun shine!

We will continue to paint them after half term.

17th May 2019

LO: To learn ball skills

Year 2 are continuing to learn different skills in cricket. This week we looked at using our control when using a bat and ball.

10th May 2019

LO: To understand different dances.

Year 2 had a fabulous time at the Maypole festival this week. The children walked merrily through the rain to The Leys School, and participated in different dances around the maypole!

3rd May 2019

LO: To understand honesty.

Year 2 have been investigating our school value of honesty. The children discussed honesty and read different stories linked to honesty.

25th April 2019

LO: To understand different movements in cricket

Year 2 had a great time learning the different throws and vocabulary linked to cricket. The children played different games focusing on throwing and running.

29th March 2019

Lo; to understand about health.

Year 2 completed their health topic this term with a lovely visit from sporting Futures Go2 project. The children invited parents in and shared all their learning. The children even got to make their own smoothies!

22nd March 2019

LO: To complete fine and gross motor skills.

The children had a wonderful time participating in KS1 on tour. Thank you to Sporting Futures for a fun morning. The children completed different challenges using a range of different equipment.

15th March 2019

LO: To recognise other feelings

As part of feeling good week, the children were introduced to our Buddy Bench. The children thought about ways in which it could be used and in groups acted out how they would ask someone to play.


LO: To make a healthy lunch.

This week as part of healthy eating week at Trotts Hill the children designed and made their own healthy lunches. Every child chose a healthy lunch, focusing on having a protein, carbohydrate, fruit and vegetable and fats. The children had a great time making their sandwiches, side salads and fruit dessert.


LO: To investigate

This week the children investigated germs. we looked at how germs can be transferred around the classroom! We used glue and glitter to represent germs.




LO: To investigate data

This week Year 2 have been looking at data. We created class tally charts and then used our data to make different block graphs. It was a great week and everyone tried really hard!


LO: To measure.

Year 2 investigated capacity with a focus on Georges Marvellous medicine ( Our class book). Year 2 measure different amounts of liquids to create their own concoction for George.

LO: To investigate characters

Children had a great adventure this week completing different drama activities. The children acted out being Superheroes! We had a special session with ‘Drama for all’. All the children had a lovely time!

10th January 2019

LO: To investigate animals.

Year 2 created their own mind maps and investigated different animals. We looked at the different types of animals and what animals need to survive.

13th December 2018

LO: To use paint in a pattern.

Year 2 completed their art topic by creating some aboriginal artwork for their calendars. The children were very creative and used a variety of  colours and patterns.

6th December 2018

LO: To investigate places of worship.

Year 2 had a wonderful time visiting St Nicholas church for ‘The Christmas Journey’. The children explored the story and made different things linked to each part.

30th November 2018

LO: to investigate a book.

This week we Year 2 received some mysterious letters! They were from some crayons! The letters were linked to our class book; The Day the Crayons Quit.

Year 2 created their own crayons linked to the letters and made banners.


16th November 2018

Today the children had a wonderful time with Sporting Futures for a ‘Participation with Pudsey’ to celebrate Children in Need. The children completed many different activities and had a fabulous time!

7th November 2018

LO: To understand different faiths.

The children had a fabulous day enjoying our whole school House day! the children created lanterns,  designed mendhi patterns, made  rangoli patterns and constructed flower garlands. The children really enjoyed learning with different ages groups.

24th October 2018

LO: To understand our school value.

Year 2 investigated what courage meant. Everyone thought of different ways in which they show courage. Year 2 then created a class owl. On each feather a child shared an element of courage.

19th October 2018

LO: To investigate art from other cultures.

We have been looking at aboriginal artwork. We looked at how natural colours were used to create paintings using finger prints and dots. We have started investigating in our sketch books!

5th October 2018

LO: To recognise different art skills.

Year 2 have been investigating pointillism. We have created colour wheels using dots. We also looked at different tones.

27th September 2018

Year 2 have had a wonderful day investigating the 1970s! We looked at different artefacts from the 70s. The children made their own 70’s  skateboards and decorated them with pictures of artefacts from the 70s.

14th September 2018

LO: To investigate.

Year 2 have been looking at different traditional tales. We painted our favourite characters.