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Year 2

Hello and welcome to Year 2

The class teacher is Miss Williams and the class is supported by Mrs Russell and Mrs Williams.

Year 2 is an exciting year as the children grow in confidence and become independent learners.

In Year 2 we aim to extend children’s knowledge and enrich the curriculum by learning through enjoyment. We will be learning about lots of exciting things; including:

  • The Great Fire of London
  • Pointillism artwork
  • The Great Plague
  • Traditional Tales

This year, in school, we are focussing on reading and spelling. We will read a range of texts and learn lots of new vocabulary.

We encourage children to work hard at school and home, to prepare them for the end of Key Stage SATs and transition into Key Stage 2. We have lots of fun and enjoy learning  new things!

4th June 2018

L.O. To investigate

Does the longest finger flick a ball of paper the furthest?

24th May 2018

Affinity Water trip!

What a fantastic day we had at Affinity Water today! We found and ordered food chains, went on an exciting mini-beast hunt in a vast grassland and also went pond dipping! We found many different creatures we had never seen before.

18th May 2018

Today we celebrated the Royal Wedding by designing our own Royal mugs!

10th May  2018

L.O. To investigate minibeasts

Year 2 have been learning about minibeasts. We hunted around the wildlife area to see what we could find! Then we used Purple Mash to create our own graphs with our findings.

24th April 2018

Drama workshop

Today we had a really fun drama workshop! We became explorers and looked around the African jungles for a lost key. On our journey we met many different animals, including monkeys, zebras, crocodiles, elephants and even lions who we had to scare away!


22nd March 2018

L.O. To imitate an artist

We have been learning about William Morris in art. He created stained glass windows and wallpaper. Here are our own stained glass windows:

15th March 2018

L.O. To perform

Wow! Year 2 performed on stage at Barclay school this evening. Their dance was amazing and their behaviour was exemplary. Thank you to Mr Sapsed for choreographing the dance.

5th March 2018

L.O. To make a puppet

Year 2 have been learning to use a running stitch to sew two pieces of felt together. We then used a different joining technique (gluing) to follow our design and create our very own puppets.
Thank you to Harry R’s mum, Charlie S’ mum and Charlie Th’s mum for coming into school and helping us with our sewing.

1st March 2018

World Book Day!

Today we read the story “All kinds of families.” We then created our own family photo-frames, family and friend hands, front covers of our favourite books and our own World Book day bookmarks!


26th February 2018


For Feeling Good Week we had a special homework – to create our very own Supertato!

9th February 2018

Our new displays!

Have a look at our fantastic new Year 2 displays. We have been working hard to produce high-quality work.

23rd January 2018

L.O. To write a riddle.

Riddle poem writing competition!

Happy National Handwriting day! We entered the Little Riddlers competition. Good luck Year 2! Here are some of our entries:

11th January 2018

Great Fire of London workshop

Today, at Stevenage museum, we got to take part in different activities relating to the Great Fire of London.

  1. Pretended to put out a fire using a leather bucket.
  2. Found out what houses were made of in the past.
  1. We found out what Samuel Pepys buried.
  2. We discovered what the safest light was.
  3. We sorted pictures of the fire brigade now and in the past.
  1. We wrote our own mini-diaries about the fire.


January Parents Meeting

Today we had a fantastic meeting to discuss how to support children in Year 2. Thank you to all those who attended!
Here are some of the notes from the session:


Recommended reading lists Y2

Practising Spellings At Home

1st December 2017

Christmas Journey

What a fantastic morning Year 2 had! Today we went back in time 2000 years to explore the Christmas story. We met many different people along the way who told us exciting stories, including the three Wise Men, the Shepherds, the old people who met Jesus and even a Roman soldier! At the end of the day we even met Mary, Joseph and a real baby (Jesus)!
Thank you to Bridge Builders for hosting the trip, we had a wonderful time.

29th November 2017

Drama workshop at Round Diamond

Charlie Ta, Josh, Jake, Jaydon, Nicky, Katy, Penny and Madison went to Round Diamond today to participate in a drama workshop. They had a fantastic day learning to perform as different characters and were well supported by Mr Driver.

28th November 2017

L.O. To observe bulbs over time.

We have been learning how the life cycle of a bulb is different to the life cycle of a seed. Today we planted bulbs in our garden, outside the Year 2 classroom. Over the rest of the school year we are going to observe these bulbs to see how they grow.

23rd November 2017

L.O. To explore similarities and differences between locations

Today we had our China day! Instead of going to school in Stevenage, we went to school in a small town in China, near the capital city Beijing. In the morning we sang the Chinese national anthem, completed our morning exercises, practised our Chinese writing for Ni Hao (hello), learnt some Tai Chi movements, tasted some Chinese foods and learnt to count to 10 in Chinese. After lunch, we made Chinese flags and wrote letters home to tell our families about our special day. What a fun day we had!

Ni Hao!

16th November 2017

L.O. To write a persuasive letter.

We’ve been reading the story, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. Our glue sticks must have been listening and they decided they had had enough, so they quit.
We were really sad without them and so Year 2 decided to write them letters back to try and persuade them to come back to us. Luckily, our letters worked and they have come back.

6th November 2017

L.O. To use different materials.

We have celebrated Guy Fawkes by creating our own pieces of art work on large black paper. We had to use different materials and textures to create a bonfire.

1st November 2017

L.O. To design a plant.

In Year 2 we have been learning about pointillism in art and plants in Science. We had to use the pointillism technique to design our own plants, ensuring they had all the correct features! The features we had to have were: seed, roots, stem, leaves and petals.


18th October 2017

L.O. To observe plants over time.

We have been observing plants for the last 3 weeks to investigate the best conditions for them to grow. Today we wrote our conclusions.

17th October 2017

L.O. To create aboriginal art work.

Today we looked at how Aboriginal people used pointillism to create their art work.

11th October 2017

L.O. To investigate plants in our environment

We have been learning about plants in Science. Today we explored our local environment and collected different plants. We made predictions about what colour plants we would find and then sorted these plants onto a Venn diagram.

5th October 2017

L.O. To recount events in the first person

Today we wrote our own endings of Rapunzel using the first person. Miss Williams and Mrs Russell were extremely proud of everybody‘s work in the class! Here are just a few examples of the fantastic work that was written today:

3rd October 2017

L.O. To use expanded noun phrases

We have used expanded noun phrases to describe the setting in Rapunzel.

28th September 2017

L.O. To spell Common Exception Words.

Year 2 have been practising lots of Common Exception Words this week. We have even been learning to use blue pens to edit our own spellings in English.
Click on the link below to see our Common Exception Word list:

Common Exception Words

21st September 2017

L.O. To know plants have life cycles.

In Science we have been learning about plants. We have learnt that all flowers have life cycles, just like animals, so we have created our own Sunflower Life Cycles.

18th September 2017

L.O. To imitate an artist

In art we have been practising the pointillism technique. We have looked at the work of Georges Seurat and practised imitating his famous Eiffel Tower painting.