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Year 1

Hello and Welcome to Year 1

There are two class teachers in Year One. Miss Moles teaches on Mondays and Tuesdays and Mrs. Miles on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Mrs Masterson is the teaching assistant. In Year 1 lessons are balanced between child-initiated learning, as well as more formal lessons. A good transition from Reception into Year 1 is paramount and we ensure that all children gradually and successfully adapt to the new expectations.

Throughout the year we focus on reading, phonics and simple sentence structure in English. In Maths the initial emphasis is on counting up and

down, as well as recognition and  place value. In Science, the children focus on seasonal changes, animals including humans, and


All subjects are fun, relevant and interactive.  We believe that in order to learn, children must gain as many first-hand experiences as possible, and everyone should enjoy what they are doing.

Learning is great fun in Year 1!


19th October 2018

LO: To find out about warm and cool colours and how they make us feel’

We found out about warm and cool colours. We then looked at paintings that used those colours. We thought warm colour paintings were happy, sunny and cosy. Cool colours paintings made us feel sad, cold, chilly and wintery. We used the work of Robert Delaunay to create artwork separating cool and warm colours.

12th October 2018

LO: To write in the past tense

We have been reading Farmer Duck in class, acting out the story in our sharing assembly to the school. In groups we made story maps to show the key events. We used these to help us write as Farmer Duck to Auntie Goose telling her all about what has been happening on the farm. We tried really hard to use time connectives and sequence our writing.


5th October 2018

LO: To edit and publish our writing

We have been listening to the story ‘Where’s my Teddy?’ about a boy who has lost his teddy in the woods. We have written in the first person writing as the boy and about our own experience of losing something.  We then learnt how to edit and improve our writing, looking for capital letters, full stops and using our phonic knowledge to spell.


21st September 2018

LO: To identify key events in a story

This week we have been listening to the story Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne. The book is about four different voices (characters) who tell the story of a walk in the park. We have been discussing how the characters feel and how to order key events in the story.

14th September 2018

LO: To explore art work using primary colours.

Year 1 created collages in the style of Mondrian.