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Year 1

Hello and Welcome to Year 1

Mrs Dent is the class teacher, and Mrs Masterson  is the teaching assistant. In Year 1 lessons are balanced between child-initiated learning, as well as more formal lessons. A good transition from Reception into Year 1 is paramount and we ensure that all children gradually and successfully adapt to the new expectations.

Throughout the year we focus on reading, phonics and simple sentence structure in English. In Maths the initial emphasis is on counting up and

down, as well as recognition and  place value. In Science, the children focus on seasonal changes, animals including humans, and


All subjects are fun, relevant and interactive.  We believe that in order to learn, children must gain as many first-hand experiences as possible, and everyone should enjoy what they are doing.

Learning is great fun in Year 1!


6th June 2018

LO:To investigate our local history.

The children were very lucky to have a special history workshop. The children looked at the bedroom where Queen Elizabeth I stayed and tried on different outfits!


25th May 2018

LO: To observe over time.

The children have worked very hard in Science this half term. We have been focusing on plants! Year 1 grew their own bean stalks and observed them growing over time.


18th May 2018

Year 1 had a fabulous and inspiring Fairy tales day! Everyone dressed up as their favourite fairy tale character.

4th May 2018

Year 1 visited Knebworth House. We had a great time visiting the different rooms in the morning. In the afternoon we went on a Tudor treasure trail!

27th April 2018

Year 1 had a wonderful drama workshop this week. The children imagined they were in a jungle and went on a great adventure.

18th April 2018

LO: To investigate materials.

Year had a fantastic science workshop. The children had to follow Billy the bunny and investigate different materials.



22nd March 2018

LO: To print.

Year 1 have created some wonderful prints linked to their Kenyan topic. The children investigated animals prints and the created their own patterns.

1st March 2018

LO: To investigate books.

Year 1 have had a wonderful day on world book day! Well done to Year 1 for their amazing effort with their outfits!

8th February 2018

LO: To create a moving picture.

The children have created a wonderful ocean display. In design & technology, the children had to design, make and evaluate their own sea creature.

25th January 2018

LO:To investigate the UK.

The children have worked very hard and created some absolutely fabulous homework! Well done to all the children and thank you to the parents for your continued support!


11th January 2018

LO: To investigate different seasons.

The children have been investigating the different seasons. We looked at winter, and the weather linked to this season. We have created a lovely winter display in our classroom.


27th November 2017

LO: to care for animals

As part of our science topic the children looked at different animals. The children have looked in class at different animals  and classified them accordingly. As part of their homework the children had to create a poster on how to care for their pet. I would like to show some outstanding pieces of work.


24th November 2017

LO: To investigate toys from the past.

This week we have been learning about toys from the past. We looked at puppets and learned about old puppets shows. we then created our own puppet shows and shared them with the class!


16th November 2017

LO: To understand our feelings.

Year 1 have been learning about anti bullying this week. We looked at negative behaviour and focused on positive behaviour. We created a paperchain with our favourite positive words. every child created a word.

10th November 2017

LO: To investigate significant events.

Year 1 have been learning about Remembrance Day. The children wrote sentences about Remembrance Day and the made their own poppies.

2nd November 2017

LO: To investigate different patterns and colours.

Year 1 have been learning about Guy Fawkes night and fireworks. We investigated the different types of fireworks. Each child designed their own firework display, and then we combined all the fireworks to make one large Year 1 firework display!

19th October 2017

LO: To solve number problems.

Year 1 have been solving problems with number! We first had to order our numbers. Then we had to add 1, 2 or 3 each time until we reached 21. The first person to reach 21 was the winner. We investigated how we could win.

13th October 2017

LO: To investigate a book.

Year 1 read the book ‘Click Clack moo’. We  wrote letters to Farmer Brown, and then created our own letters which we will post next week!

3rd October 2017

LO: To investigate the seasons: Autumn

Year 1 have been investigating autumn. Everyone went on an autumn walk and collected different colours linked to autumn. We created a class autumn display.