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Hello and Welcome to Reception

Welcome to Reception, your first year of full-time school! Mrs Wilby is your class teacher on Monday to Thursday and Miss Taylor teaches you on a Friday. Mrs Norman and Mrs O’Brien are Early Years Practitioners who are also keyworkers.

Coming into Reception can be a big change but we try hard to make the transition as smooth as possible. In the autumn term we have smaller keyworker groups and our timetable reflects that of nursery with a balance of keyworker, small group and child-initiated activities.

As children get older and are more used to the routines of the day we introduce more whole class and small group literacy and maths activities, alongside topic activities. However, it is still very important that the children have time each day for self-initiated activities in which to play and practice their skills and to follow their interests.

Throughout the year we maintain Learning Journals for each child in which we record their achievements and interests in the form of photos, observational notes and examples of work. These Learning Journals then help us to make assessments against the Early Learning Goals at the end of the Reception year.

Topics vary during the year, according to the children’s interests, however we tend to cover seasonal changes and celebrations every year such as autumn, Fireworks night, Diwali, Christmas, winter, spring, Easter….

There’s lots to learn during Reception but we have fun doing it!

22nd February 2018

LO: To design a character

As part of ‘Feeling Good Week’, we have been learning about superheroes. We designed our own superheroes in class based on the story ‘Supertato’.

25th January 2018

LO: To sequence a story

We have been reading the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We made story maps to show where the family visit.


11th January 2018

LO: To begin to use phonic knowledge.

We read the book Polar Bear, Polar Bear by Eric Carle. We then chose an animal from the story to draw a picture of and write a sentence about.


23rd November 2017

LO: To add and subtract single digit numbers.

We have been learning to add and subtract numbers using cubes. We are beginning to write our answers.

9th November 2017

LO: To print a firework picture.

We have been creating our own firework pictures by printing using cut kitchen roll tubes in paint.

1st November 2017

LO: To draw using a range of media.

We have read the story Funnybones this week. We have created pictures linked to the story using oil pastels, paints and pencils.

20th October 2017

LO: To mould clay.

To celebrate Diwali we have made our own divas. We rolled the clay into a ball then used our thumbs to press the shape. We then decorated with sequins.

12th October 2017

LO: To give meaning to marks. To begin to match sounds and letters.

We have been drawing pictures and writing sentences about where we live.


3rd October 2017

LO: To make number sentences using numicon.

Reception have started working with Numicon resources. We have drawn round the pieces and started to make addition number sentences.