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Hello and Welcome to Reception

Welcome to Reception, your first year of full-time school! Mrs Wilby is your class teacher on Monday to Thursday and Mrs O’Brien teaches you on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Bailey is your teaching assistant and midday supervisor..

Starting full time school in Reception can be a big change but we try hard to make the transition as smooth as possible. In the autumn term we work with the support and guidance of an adult, and we focus on developing the core areas of communication and language, physical development and personal and social education. This will be through topics the children are familiar with, for example ‘family’ and ‘people who help us’.

As children get older and are more used to the routines of the day, we introduce more whole class and small group literacy and maths activities alongside topic activities. However, it is still very important that the children have time each morning and afternoon for self-initiated activities in which to play and practice their skills and to follow their own interests.

Throughout the year we maintain electronic Learning Journals for each child in which we record their achievements and interests in the form of photos, observational notes and examples of work. These Learning Journals then help us to make assessments against the Early Learning Goals at the end of the Reception year. Parents have access to these via an online app and can add their own comments and observations.

Topics vary during the year, according to the children’s interests, however we tend to cover seasonal changes and celebrations every year such as autumn, Fireworks night, Diwali, Christmas, winter, spring, Easter etc.

There’s lots to learn during Reception but we have fun doing it!

7th December 2018

LO: to know about different Christmas traditions

This week we set up a Christmas workshop and Christmas house in our role play areas and the children have enjoyed thinking about Christmas activities and traditions from home. We also learnt about how different people celebrate Advent and Hannukah, and a special visitor came to tell us about how Jewish people celebrate.


30th November 2018

LO: to practise fine motor skills

Following on from our introduction to writing last week, we have been practising using our fine motor skills this week in our choosing time.

23rd November 2018

LO: to form letters correctly

Our story this week was ‘The Jolly Postman’. We enjoyed looking at the different types of letters people can send and we learnt how to hold a pencil correctly to form our letters. On Thursday we wrote a letter to send home and we walked to the postbox to send it.

16th November 2018

LO: to make and try vegetable soup

This week we read the story Oliver’s Vegetables in Literacy. We talked about different types of vegetables and which ones we have tried. On Wednesday we chopped up some vegetables to make our own soup. On Thursday we all tried it and thought it was delicious!

9th November 2018

LO: to know how to stay safe around fireworks

While celebrating bonfire night, we discussed how to use sparklers safely and practised by using some we made ourselves. We also created firework pictures and had a visit from a fire chief who showed us his uniform and helped us to stay safe around fireworks.

26th October 2018

LO: to create our own pumpkin designs

During the last week of term we made our own pumpkin lanterns ready for autumn celebrations. We scooped out the seeds using spoons then drew our own designs on the outside. The children thought that the insides were ‘sticky’ and ‘yucky’ but they decided to keep the seeds for counting activities.

19th October 2018

LO: To know about people who help us

We have been learning all about people who help us, with a particular focus on the emergency services. We learnt how to recognise people who will help us by looking at their uniforms and the vehicles they drive. We also had a special visitor who came to tell us about their job.

12th October 2018

LO: To retell a story

This week we have been looking at the story Little Red Riding Hood. We really enjoyed re-enacting the story using a range of props and we have been very busy during our choosing time with lots of Red Riding Hood linked activities.

5th October 2018

LO: To recognise and use letter sounds

All of this term we have been learning our Phase 2 sounds. Now we are starting to have a go at reading and writing using our sounds during our choosing time. We particularly enjoy using the interactive whiteboard to play games!

28th September 2018

LO: To think about how we celebrate birthdays

This week we have been thinking about the different ways which we celebrate birthdays. As it is the schools 50th birthday, we have been trying to count all the way to 50 in maths. On ‘decade day’ we had a great time dressing up and dancing to party music from our class decade – the 1990’s. What a busy week we’ve had!

21st September 2018

LO: To paint a self portrait

The children used mirrors to look at the features of their own faces. Then they chose the correct skin, eye and hair colours to paint a picture of themselves. Mrs Bailey has displayed these in our cloakroom area.

14th September 2018

First week in Reception

The children have completed their first week of full time school! They have all been very busy making new friends and exploring our indoor and outdoor classrooms. They have also started to learn some phonic sounds and to recognise numbers to 10.