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Hello and welcome to the nursery. My name is Mrs Flack and I am the class teacher. Mrs Norman and Mrs Hunter join us every morning and they are also key workers.

We do a range of exciting and fun activities and we are learning all the time. We learn by playing with our friends and taking part in many activities in many different areas in our unit. Some of these include the creative area, maths, understanding the world, construction, role play, malleable, literacy, and sand and water areas.

We also take part in music activities, such as singing and playing instruments. These take place in the hall where we can also use the large apparatus and play with the parachute. We love cooking and make a variety of things.

During the year we look at different topics every half term. As the seasons change we look at our local environment and celebrate different festivals and cultural activities.

Finally we want your children to be happy and settled in the nursery and value partnership with parents. I am available every morning before and after our sessions if you need to speak to me and you can also speak to your child’s key worker, if I am busy.
Let’s work together to make your child’s nursery experience the best it can possibly be.


17th May 2019

Sensory Exploration

This week in nursery we have been using our senses to explore different textures. We have felt paint, jelly and corn flour and what great fun we had too.


10th May 2019


This week in the nursery we have been using a new ICT/Drawing programme. We made wonderful pictures in the ‘reflection’ mode.





3rd May 2019


We have been exploring the blossom that grows on the tree in our nursery garden. We also looked at camomile, lavender and rosemary. We used our noses to smell them and our hands to feel them. We also made potions!


26th April 2019


This week in the nursery we had 4 tiny visitors. Ducklings came to spend the day with us. We talked about how to look after them, what they eat and stroked them very carefully.


5th April 2019


This week we have been working hard using the Numicon and the Interactive Whiteboard to do our maths. We counted using the numicon and used the correct mathematical vocabulary for taller and shorter.



29th March 2019

Matisse ‘Snail’ and Butterfly Cakes

We were very lucky having a parent helper in to make butterfly cakes with us and we had lots of fun making Henri Matisse’s ‘Snail’.

22nd March 2019

Painting to music

This week in nursery we have listened to a piece of music called ‘Spring’ by Vivaldi. We then expressed how the music made us feel by painting individual pieces.

15th march 2019


This week we have been looking at the life cycle of a frog. The children have made their own life cycle sequence and painted some lovely frogs.




8th March 2019


This week we have been looking at daffodils and then painted pictures of them, looking very closely at the colours we needed to use.


1st March 2019

Being Healthy

This week we have been looking at keeping ourselves healthy. We have talked about cleaning our teeth, taking part in exercise and eating healthy food and making healthy fruit pictures.


25th January 2019


In nursery we have been creating using colours.


18th January 2019

Busy Fingers

in ‘busy fingers’ this week we have used new activities relating to our topic on colour.


14th December 2018

Christmas celebrations

This week, we have performed The Little Blue Star, met Father Christmas and had a party. We had lots of fun and are very excited for Christmas.


7th December 2018

Decorating the classroom

This week we have been making beautiful decorations using different materials and we decorated the tree in preparation for Christmas.



16th November 2018


We have been thinking about Remembrance Day and made some beautiful poppies. We have also made poppy calendars for next year.



9th November 2018


We have been looking at different celebrations and making new colours.



26th October 2018

People that help us.

Following on from our visitor last week, we have made junk models of different modes of transport, including ambulances, fire engines and police cars.

19th October 2018

A special visitor

In nursery we have had a special visitor, PC Freeman came to visit and we had fun wearing the police hats and listening to the very loud siren and saw the flashing blue lights.


12th October 2018

Autumn has arrived

In the nursery this week, we have been looking at and making artefacts relating to autumn.

5th October 2018

Owl Babies

The children in nursery have made a wonderful display of Owl babies after listening to the story.

14th September 2018

First Week in Nursery

The children have all settled well and are getting used to the routine and making lots of new friends.