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Sports News

8th December 2017

Basketball Festival: Nobel

Trotts Hill came 3rd out of 6 six schools! All players worked hard, showed determination and played extremely well.
Well done to Izzy W, Teddy O, Connor O, Tanaka G, Ollie C and Jake M.  The player of the festival was Connor O for outstanding defending.

1st December 2017

Football: Year 5/6 boys vs Martins Wood

Another brilliant performance and win for the Year 5/6 boys last week, beating Martins Wood 6-0.

This looked to be the boys’ hardest match so far but after going close many times in the first half, they finally got a breakthrough in the second and could have had many more goals. The boys were fantastic from back to front producing some great goals and excellent teamwork.
The team was Jack and Ben S, Harley G, Stanley A, Oliver R, Jake M, Codi D and Riley C.
Scorers were Riley (3), Ben, Oliver and Jack S – who also won a Player of the Match for his defensive and foreword play.

24th November 2017

Football: Year 6 vs Giles

Another 4-0 win for the Year 6 boys in the league. Goals from Teddy (2), Dion and Tanaka with a well deserved Player of the Match to Connor O. This win means that the Year 6 boys go into Christmas top of the league, so they need to continue their fantastic sportsmanship into the New Year.

23rd November 2017

Table Tennis: Year 6

Today Year 6 had a Table Tennis competition at The Leys. The boys came 4th overall. Player of the tournament was Liam W for showing excellent determination throughout the competition, especially as he had never played table tennis before! Teddy and Jayden would like to thank Mrs Mehan for taking them.

20th November 2017

Football: Year 5/6 boys vs Giles

A brilliant 9-0 win today for the boys’ team. Excellent teamwork was shown throughout the match with some great passes and shots on target. Trotts Hill managed to score 8 goals, with one of the goals being an own-goal.
Well done to the goal scorers and the rest of the team: Stan A (1), Ben S (3), Oliver R (3) and Jake M (1), Jack S, Isaac W, Codi D and Avin L.
Player of the match goes to Isaac for always following instructions and motivating the other players!

17th November 2017

Football: Year 6 boys vs Knebworth

A fantastic performance from the year 6 boys with a 4-0 win over Knebworth in the cup.  If it wasn’t for the Knebworth keeper it could have been many more as the boys were making lots of chances. Goals from Teddy (2), an own goal and 1 from Tanaka. Player of the match deservedly goes to Ollie C.
Well done to the boys who are now on their way to the quarterfinals!

16th November 2017

Football: Year 5/6 girls vs Ashtree.

The girls showed enjoyment, determination and team spirit throughout the whole match, but sadly lost 3-0. The player of the match was Izzy W. Laila and Clio would also like to thank Mrs Mehan for her help with organising the match.

10th November 2017

Flag Football Tournament (Run by Rising Stars): Years 4 and 5

Our Year 5 team won 7 games and drew 1 game, winning the tournament overall! Well done to Riley C, Oliver RP, Stan A, Jack S, Ben S, Ria M, Darcie R and Georgia M. Players of the match – Oliver and Darcie. 
Our Year 4 team won 4 games, drew 3 and lost only 1. They came 3rd place overall! Well done to George C, Jared B, Leo G, Harry M, Georgia S, Florence O and Nina F. 
Great achievements from both teams.

Football: Year 6 Boys vs Codicote

Another great result from the Year 6’s, with a 3-2 win over Codicote. It was a hard fought game, but a deserved win against a good and physically big team.
The boys were 2-1 down in the match, but showed great character and determination in order to win!
Goals from: Tommy C, Teddy O and Ollie C.
Player of the match goes to Teddy O for an all round determined and hardworking display.

9th November 2017

Tag Rugby Festival: Year 6

Year 6 had a great afternoon at the tag rugby festival this afternoon winning 5 games, drawing 1 and losing only 1.
We came 2nd place overall! Teddy was the muddiest player of the match. Harley and Sienna chose Tanaka as the player of the match for his determination and scoring lots of goals.
Well done to Harley, Teddy, Ollie, Dion, Jenson, Tanaka, Sienna, Isabelle and Clio for their great teamwork.

8th November 2017

Football: Year 5/6 Girls vs Bedwell

Trotts Hill Year 5/6 girls’ football team may have lost 4-0, but they showed determination and didn’t give up.
The girls were commended for their attitude and sportsmanship by the referee. He even said they were one of the best teams he had refereed for!
Players of the match were rewarded to Lily for playing well in defence and Ria for being brave when the ball hit her in the face.

3rd November 2017

Football: Year 6 Boys vs St Vincent de Paul

The Year 6 boys played against St Vincent de Paul and won the game 1-0. It was a really good game and a tough match, but a well deserved victory for Trotts Hill.
The winning goal came from Tommy in the second half after a brilliant passing move.
A well deserved Player of the Match goes to Jake N, but also a mention to Jake M who pulled off 2 superb saves near the end of the game.

1st November 2017

Football: Year 5/6 Girls vs Ashtree

Great teamwork and sportsmanship from the Year 5/6 girls’ football team today in a home match against Ashtree school. Even though we lost 3-1, the girls improved throughout the game and should be proud of their performance. The player of the match was Darcie for improving her football skills and scoring the goal.

20th October 2017

Football: Trotts Hill Boys vs Ashtree and Girls Football Tournament

Year 5/6 boys had their first match today, beating Ashtree 8-0! A fantastic performance with some great goals and excellent teamwork from: Jack N, Jack S, Ben S, Harley G, Avin, Stanley, Jake N, Jayden T and Riley. The goal scorers were: Jack N (2) Ben (3) Oliver (2) and Harley. Player of the match was Stanley A.

The girls played exceptionally well in a football tournament today. The girls managed to win one match, draw two and lost only one match! Player of the match was Juanita as she tackled professionally and wasn’t scared of the ball.

13th October 2017

Pop Lacrosse Festival / Football Autumn Tournament

Firstly, a team of Year 6’s took part in a Lacrosse festival at Round Diamond. They remained determined throughout the event, in what was a relatively new sport to them! They managed to score 2 goals in the event. Excellent work! Harley was player of the match (chosen by Keira and George P) for scoring all the goals.

Also, the Year 6 boys competed in the Autumn Tournament Finals at Marriotts. They had some very close games, but remained unbeaten until the semi-finals; losing out to Knebworth on penalties. Well done boys, you should be very proud of yourselves! Reaching the semi-finals is a fantastic achievement.

11th October 2017

Football Competition

The boys’ football team won: 2-0 against Codicote, 5-1 against Shephalbury and drew 0-0 against Knebworth. These fantastic results have allowed the team to make it to the Autumn Tournament Final on Friday 13th October.

6th October 2017

Football Festival at Round Diamond

Year 5 and 6 boys played 8 matches today; winning 6 and losing just 2! There was great sportsmanship and excellent football skills from all the boys. Well played!

29th September 2017

Girls Football vs Giles: Player of the match – Laila F

Unfortunately the girls lost 2-0, BUT it was a well fought first match that showed great determination and enthusiasm. Well done girls, we are proud of you!