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Sports News

Friday 20th January Table Tennis Festival Years 4, 5 & 6

The children took part in singles, doubles and triples games and played extremely well for a sport that is new to most of them.

Wednesday 25th January Basket Ball Festival Years 5 & 6

Two teams competed in the festival with one team making it through to the semi-finals. Despite the cold conditions, they showed great determination.

Friday 3rd February Years 5 & 6 Boys Football Match v Knebworth School

Match report to follow.

Wednesday 8th February Years 3 & 4 Girl’s Football Festival

The afternoon involved several friendly matches against other Stevenage schools and the girls showed an excellent attitude and sportsmanship throughout.

Friday 10th February Year 5 & 6 Girl’s Football Match v Giles School

Match postponed due to bad weather.

Thursday 23rd February Year 5 & 6 Boy’s Football Match v Almond Hill School

Match postponed due to bad weather.

Friday 24th February Year 5 & 6 Girl’s Table Tennis Festival

A team of Year 6 girls took part in a table tennis tournament with local school.  The girls showed great improvement over the series of matches played.

Wednesday 1st March Girl’s 5 & 6 Football Match v Giles School

Excellent 4-0 result for the girls.  A super team performance.

Wednesday 8th March Boys League Match v Almond Hill

A great tem effort from the boys, just losing out to Almond Hill 3-1.

Match report from Brandon: Although Trotts Hill played outstanding during the first half, the final score was 3-1 to Almond Hill. Our man of the match would go to Tanaka for his constant battling against the defenders when trying to score.

Thursday 9th March Girl’s Years 5 & 6 Football Match v The Leys School

A hard fight for a 3-1 result for Trotts Hill. The girls showed great determination throughout.

Match report from Kahlen: As a result of excellent team work and skill, we won 3-1. Isabelle scored two of the goals and Caitlin the other.  It was a very tough match, especially in the first half, but everyone played impeccably well.

It was hard to choose a player of the match as everyone played well, but one player stood out for her fantastic saves and that was Laila. We would also like to mentioned Rutvi, even though she had two injuries, she came back onto the pitch and continued to play really well.

Well done girls for a great win.

Friday 10th March Year 2 Indoor Athletics Morning at Gordon Craig Leisure Centre

Year 2 had a fantastic time at the Leisure Centre. They practised their skills in many activities such as: Javelin, Long Jump, Chest Throws, Relay races and Speed bumps.

Tuesday 14th March Year 5 Dance Festival at St. Albans Arena

Sixteen Year 5 pupils were given the opportunity to perform in the Hertfordshire Dance Festival in St Albans Arena.  The theme of ‘Read All About it’ provided the stimulus for a very moving performance based on the plight of refugee children and their ‘hope’ for the future.

Thank you to Mr Sapsed for teaching the routine (supported by Miss Cornish) and to Mrs Jordan and Mrs Page for their support on the day.  Mr Ward also gave up his time on rehearsal day so overall it was a worthwhile team effort.

As always the children were a credit to the school as they performed to the highest standard.  It was lovely that so may parents were able to watch the show and celebrate in their child’s achievement.

Wednesday 15th March Year 5 & 6 Hockey Festival

Great enthusiasm and determination from our Year 6 competing in the Hockey festival.  Well done to our players of the festival, Joseph and Brandon.

Friday 17th March Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Boules Competition

Excellent play from our Year 2, 4 & 6 teams competing in the Boules competition, all narrowly missing out in the finals to be awarded 2nd place.

Friday 17th March Year 5 & 6 Boy’s Football Match v Giles

A fantastic 2-1 win for our team. Thank you to all the parents who came to support the boys in the cold!

Wednesday 22nd March Year 1 Indoor Athletics Morning at Gordon Craig Leisure Centre

On Wednesday 22nd March Year 1 visited the Gordon Craig sports centre for an indoor athletics morning. The children learned many different skills. They participated in javelin, relays races, basketball and jumping. The children had a great time and worked as a team with other schools. Thank you to Rising Stars for a fun filled morning!

Wednesday 22nd March Year 5 & 6 Girl’s Football Match v Fairlands

Fantastic play from our Year 5/6 girl’s football team in what was a very tight match winning 2-1.

Match report from Lucy: It was a very tight match but through talent, teamwork and determination we won 2-1 with Izzy scoring both goals.  Even tough everyone played extremely well, the play of the match had to be Izzy for scoring two goals and continuing to play although everyone was tired.  Amazingly, we are at the top of the league with 15 points and remain unbeaten with still 1 game to play. Thank you to Mrs Mehan.

Tuesday 25th April Years 3 & 4 Boy’s Football Festival

Thursday 27th April Years 5 & 6 Girls League Football Finals Match v Woolenwick

Congratulations to the Girls – we not only won the match but we won the league! An effort for us all to be proud of.

Match report from Phoebe: With all our hard work we won the game with a score of 5-0 and also won the Girls League!  Overall everyone played really well but the woman of the match has to go to Kahlen as she cleared the ball outstandingly when it came to her feet.  I would also like to mention Lucy for her great attitude and encouragement.  Finally, well done to all the girls, we have not only won the league but also won all our matches played.  It has been a brilliant season.

Friday 28th April Years 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Fencing Competition

Wednesday 17th May Years 5 & 6 Athletics Festival

Friday 19th May Key Stage 1 Goal Ball Competition

Wednesday 24th May Year 3 Team Building Morning at Gordon Craig Leisure Centre

Tuesday 13th June Year 5 Cricket Day

Friday 16th June Key Stage 2 Hand Ball Competition

Tuesday 20th June Key Stage 1 & 2 Sports Day

Thursday 22nd June Nursery Sports Morning

Tuesday 27th June Years 5 & 6 Cricket Festival

Friday 30th June Year 4 Multi-Sports Day at Gordon Craig Leisure Centre

Monday 3rd July Inter-Village Athletics Competition at Ridlins Athletic

Friday 7th July Years 5 & 6 Rounders Competition

Monday 10th July Year 6 Dragon Boat Day at Fairlands Park