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School Council

The School Council is an important part of Trotts Hill and the children feel proud to be elected.  In July, the class vote for their representatives for the next academic year.  All children from Year 2 to Year 6 are given the opportunity to stand for election.  After making a speech to their class, their peers vote.  This is an important part of children’s experience of British Values and a democratic process in school. Children attend a weekly meeting, alongside Miss Williams.

Our School Council is a member of Stevenage Schools Parliament and the Year 6 School Councillors attend regular meetings.

This year our School Council will focus on:

  • Showing visitors around the school.
  • Our local area and recycling

2017/2018 School Council Representatives:

Year 2 – Neve M & Joe K

Year 3 – Poppy C & Kailan R-B

Year 4 – Nina F & Leo G

Year 5 – Jack N & Ruby L

Year 6 – Jenson B & Izzy W

15th January 2018 – Meeting

Today Jenson and Izzy took us on a tour of the school! They introduced us to each teacher and told us some information about the learning in every class.

8th January 2018 – Meeting

We met today to discuss which movies we would like to be shown for the FROTH film afternoons at the end of the month.
The winners of our vote will be told in assembly next week!

20th November 2017 – Meeting

Today we discussed the impact of anti-bullying week and our shared play time:

We also discussed prizes that we would like to have for winning attendance, lunch cups and for being the House team winners.
Some of our ideas were:

  • non-uniform for the winning class / House
  • extra play time
  • extra Golden time
  • snacks
  • Movie afternoon and bring own snacks in from home.

Miss Williams is going to share these ideas with Mrs Dent and Miss Pidgeon.

Next week Jenson and Izzy are taking the whole of School Council on a tour of the school!

16th November 2017 – Visit from Tesco

We would like to thank Tesco for their support with the fundraising that occurred in the summer term to raise money for EYFS outdoor equipment. We managed to raise £600. Tesco also kindly donated board-games for each classroom. We are extremely grateful to parents for their support too. In total we have raised £800. Thank you to everybody.

6th November 2017 – meeting

Over the half term we all had a look at the School website.
Things we like:

  • Each class has examples of work and photos of the work
  • Names of Celebration Assembly award winners are on the website
  • The value of the month and quote on the homepage

Things we could look to change or improve in the future:

  • Update the photos (Miss Williams and Miss Pidgeon are going to look at this Autumn Term 2)
  • Look into having photos of the staff on the website
  • Information about After School Club to be clear.

In future meetings we are going to discuss recycling, Love in a Box and have a tour of the school (lead by Jenson and Izzy).

18th October 2017 – meeting

This week we have looked at the Trotts Hill school website. Over the half term, school councillors will be looking at the website in more detail. Likes and improvements will be discussed next half term.
We also made a mind map of our ideas about school lunches. Miss Williams is also going to contact Herts Catering with our ideas.

9th October 2017 – meeting

Today we thought of some ideas for team names for our future House Point system!
We came up with some really fun ideas, including:

  • Dr Seuss
  • Thomas Edison
  • Ussain Bolt
  • Andy Warhol
  • Leonardo Da Vinci

Trotts Hill staff will be voting on the final names.

2nd October 2017 – meeting

This week we discussed what we like about play times and lunch times and thought of some ideas of how we can make these times of day better. We passed our ideas onto Mrs Dent who is going to feedback to the MSAs with our suggestions.


  • Football!
  • Lovely food
  • Playing with our own toys

Could be better if:

  • MSAs start games with pupils, such as ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’
  • Each class has the chance to explore the wild-life area