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Trotts Hill Houses

Our Trotts Hill Houses promote responsibility, good learning, team work and competition. Every child from Nursery to Year 6, and every adult who works in the school, is placed in one of our four Houses. Each House takes it name after an inspirational person, who has achieved something outstanding in their lifetime.

Children can earn House points for displaying excellent learning behaviours and showing positive manners around the school.

Each half term the House Captains will collate each class’ House Points and a winning House will be announced in assembly.


Trotts Hill Houses 2018-2019


Head of House: Mrs Jordan
Captain: Ben W
Vice-Captain: SE


Head of House: Mrs Flack
Captain: Blake
Vice-Captain: Ruby


Head of House: Mrs Chumbley
Captain: Isaac
Vice-Captain: Molly


Head of House: Miss Williams
Captain: LB
Vice-Captain: MC

Winners for the SpringTerm

1st – Rowling: 1679 points
2nd – Farah: 1630 points
3rd – Hawking: 1390 points
4th – Farah – 2184 points

Winners for the Autumn Term

1st – Rowling – 4906 points
2nd – Picasso – 2960 points
3rd – Hawking – 2703 points
4th – Farah – 2184 points

The winner House will have a non-uniform day on Friday 11th January 2019.


Diwali: 7th November 2018

We enjoyed a fantastic House Team hour to help us learn more about the Hindi celebration of Diwali. We created: flower garlands, rangoli patterns, mehndi and lanterns.

Ruby Y6 – Picasso – “I enjoy socialising with younger children.”
Riya Y1 – Farah – “I enjoy house day because I get to see my older sister and she helps me.”
Nina Y5 – Hawking – “I enjoy being with younger children.”
Jake Y2 – Rowling – “We’re learning about mehndi patterns.

Autumn 1:

The House and Vice Captains have met with Mrs Evans three times this year. The following agenda items have been covered:

  • house days in the coming year
  • being a good role model for your house team
  • collecting and counting house points
  • decade day

During each meeting a different Captain takes minutes and records the actions. The house and vice captains are looking forward to their first house event on 7th November: “Diwali”

Summer House Team Winners 2018

Spring House Team Winners 2018

Autumn House Team Winners 2017

Wednesday 20th June 2018: House Team Hour

World Handshake Day

What a fantastic House Event we had today! We all learnt the 10 steps to the perfect handshake and then worked in cooperation to create our own little people. These will be displayed around the school.
Some of the children today said:
“It’s World handshake day – we shake hands to show great sportsmanship.” Carlo 
“House events bring everyone from different ages together.” Justin 
“In football they show cooperation by shaking hands at the start and end of each match.” Jaydon 
“Handshaking started to show the other person they weren’t holding any weapons.” ORP

Tuesday 20th February 2018: House Team Hour

Happy Chinese New Year!

Today we celebrated Chinese New Year in our House Teams. We had an assembly to listen to the story of the Nian and learn why red is deemed a lucky colour in China. We then visited different rooms with our House Teams and completed a range of different activities. At the end of the hour, the House Captains and Vice Captains of each house shared in assembly what they had been learning.

Farah – made Chinese dragons
Rowling – created Chinese lanterns
Picasso – performed Chinese dragon dances
Hawking – made Chinese masks

This was a fantastic event that demonstrated many of our school values and rules.

Monday 13th November 2017: House Team Hour

Today all children and staff joined their House to participate in an activity relating to their team.

Farah – watched an inspirational video from Mo Farah and practised some different running techniques outdoors. They then participated in some active team games and a relaxing Yoga cool down.

Hawking – designed their own trees. They had to think scientifically about the best way to design and create a tree as a group.

Rowling – made their own recipes for potions using our school values.

Picasso – used ideas from Picasso to create a banner.