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23rd May 2019

Year 6 Dragon Boat racing at Fairlands

Well done to the Yr 6 Dragon Boat semi-finalists! They should be so proud of their achievement, improving their time with every race! Well done Riley, Stanley, Jack S, Ben S, Ben W, Ria, Molly, Megan, Lexie, Jessica & Georgia.

22nd May 2019

Year 3/4 Bell-Boat at Fairlands

Years 3 and 4 had a fantastic time bell-boating at Fairlands today. They got to complete a wide range of other activities too.

17th May 2019

Year 6 Football

Trotts Hill won the District Cup by beating St Vincent’s 6-1 in the final! Once again the squad performed brilliantly, as they have done all season, to remain unbeaten and clinch the “double” something which hasn’t been achieved before.

Goals came from: Riley (3), Ben (2) and Stan. The team was Jack N, Cody, Oliver, Jack S, Stan, Riley, Jaime, Tedros and Ben.

Many thanks to Mr O’Brien for coaching the team all season.

10th May 2019

Year 3/4 Football

Year 3/4 played a tournament at Bedwell school. They played against 4 teams and only lost one match. The team managed to come 3rd overall! The players were: Jaydon, Owen, Alfie, Charlie S, Jake, Edward, BB, Will, Chashe and Carlo. Player of the Match was Will for his amazing tackles. An extra special mention to Tinaye for her fabulous cheerleading!

30th April 2019

Year 6 boys

Trotts Hill reached the final of the District Cup with a 5-2 semi final win over Round Diamond. After a tight goalless first half, the boys were much improved in the second half and goals from Jaime (2), Riley, Oliver and Ben secured the victory. All the boys can be proud of their performance against a tough team and we are already looking forward to the final!! Well done. Player of the match went to Riley.

26th April 2019

Year 5/6 girls

Today the Year 5/6 played their last match of the season against the Giles school. They all played extremely well, which resulted in a 2-0 win! All of the team are the Players of the match, because everyone played exceptionally well. The team was: Nina, Bella, Naomi, Florence, Megan, Lexie, Darcie, Lily and Ria.

Year 5 boys

The Year 5 boys had their final match of the season on Friday. After losing 4-0 at halftime, they really worked hard and played well in the second half, finally losing 5-1. The goal scorer was JB, but the team really deserved more. Player of the the match went to the whole team for their great second half display!
The team was: Harry, JB, Charlie, Cody, George, Leo, Koray and Kenny

23th April 2019

On Saturday 13th April, a group of our girls and boys football teams went to watch Stevenage Borough v Carlisle. At half time, they went onto the pitch for a penalty shoot out with Borough Bear. We all had a great time and Stevenage won 3-0!

2nd April 2019

Year 5/6 Football

Year 5/6 girls played against Almond Hill. Unfortunately, they lost 2-0, but everyone played extremely well. Player of the match goes to Bella for her all around skills on the pitch.

28th March 2019

Year 6 Football – LEAGUE WINNERS!

Trotts Hill clinched the championship and maintained their 100% record with a hard fought 3-1 win over Lodge Farm. In front of an expectant bumper crowd, goals from Riley and Oliver, and an own goal, secured the trophy for Trotts Hill for a second consecutive season. Player of the match went to Jack N (in goal) and all the boys can feel very proud of their performances over the season. Well Done to the whole team: Jack N, Cody, Oliver, Jack S, Stan, Tedros, Jaime, Riley and Ben S. Thank you to Mr O’Brien for coaching the boys!

26th March 2019

Year 5/6 Football

Year 5/6 girls played against Bedwell school. Unfortunately, they lost, but player of the match went to Naomi for great defending skills on the pitch.

22nd March 2019

Year 6 Football

Trotts Hill travelled to Almond Hill for their penultimate league game of the season and came away with a hard fought 3-1 victory to keep up their 100% record. Goals came from Riley(2) and Ben S. Player of the Match went to Stan for an excellent defensive performance. The team was: Jack N, Stan, Jack S, Cody, Riley, Jaime, Tedros and Ben S.

15th March 2019

Year 5 Football

The Year 5 boys played a return match against Giles’s Year 6 team. They lost 3-1 after going one nil up with a great goal from Leo. All the boys were excellent – particularly in the first half and played in the best sporting manner. Well done to JB for getting Player of the Match.
The team was William, Cody, JB, Harry, Charlie, George, Jake, Leo, Kenny and Koray.

Year 3/4 Football

Today Y3/4 played Martins Wood. They worked together and showed a really strong team, even though they lost 3-1. Highlights from the match were: Owen scoring a goal, after Carlo set him up with a great cross and Will performing some important tackles. Well done to Charlie S for receiving Player of the Match for his great saving skills.
The team was: Carlo, Chashe, Will, Edward, LB, Owen, Katy, Jake and Charlie S.

8th March 2019

Year 5/6 Football

Trotts Hill girls played St Vincent de Paul school. Unfortunately we lost, but all the team showed great determination and perseverance. The team was: Bella, Florence, Georgia, Naomi, Megan, Lily, Lexie and Darcie. Player of the Match goes to Darcie for running up and down the pitch and her good defensive skills., but also well done to the whole team. Thank you to the adults that supported and coached the team.

8th March 2019

Year 6 Football

Trotts Hill played in the Quarter Final of the Schools cup and won a thrilling, nail biting contest against Woolenwick 3-2 after extra time!. They showed real teamwork and battling qualities coming from behind twice in the match. Scorers were Ben S, Stan and Oliver. Player of the match went to Riley for great skill and pushing the team on for the whole game. Team was Jack N, Oliver, Jack S, Stan, Riley, Jaime, Ben S, Tedros

1st March 2019

Year 6 Football

Today we went to Longmeadow for our latest league game and came away with a very impressive 6-0 victory! Some great teamwork from everybody on the team today:) Goals from Jaime (3), Ben, Oliver and Riley. Player of the match goes to goalie Jack N for a clean sheet and some excellent saves.

25th February 2019

Year 6 Football

Trotts Hill won their latest league game with a hard fought 3-1 home win over Round Diamond. After a goalless first half the boys really stepped up in the second half to keep their 100% record with superb effort and teamwork. Goals were from Jaime (2) and Stan. Team was Jack N, Cody, Jack S, Ben S, Oliver, Riley, Tedros, Jaime and Stan. Player of the match goes to Jaime for 2 great goals and an all round good performance.

25th January 2019

Year 3/4 Football

Year 4/5 played Mossbury school and 5-1! The goal scorers were Carlo (3 goals) and Chashe (2 goals). Player of the Match went to Jake because of his amazing saves in goal. The team was: Chashe, Carlo, Bailey, Jake, Jaydon, Charlie T, Charlie S and Edward.

Year 6 Football

Another fantastic performance against a difficult side. The boys managed a 2-0 win over Peartree school and this was their fourth win of the season! Both goals were scored by Riley, but the boys could easily have won by 5 or 6 goals. The team was: Jack N, Ben S, Codi, Tedros, Jack S, Stanley, Jaime, Riley and Oliver.

18th January 2019

Year 5 Football

The Year 5 boys played their second game today and did brilliantly well against Giles’s Year 6’s. They lost 2-1 but all the boys were excellent and played in the best sporting manner… and looked great in their new shirts!
JB scored our goal in the last minute and we were so unlucky not to score more goals. Well done to Koray for getting player of the match, as he was excellent in defence.
The team was William, Cody, JB, Harry, Charlie, Jake, Leo, Kenny and Koray.

6th December 2018

Year 3/4 Football

Trotts Hill played Walkern school. After a great performance, we won 2-1 and played extremely well. Thank you to Mr Titus for managing the team. The team was: Carlo, Jake, Charlie S, BB, Will, Chashe, Alfie, LB, Katy, Edward and Jaydon. Carlo scored both goals! Player of the Match goes to Carlo for his great goals and his dribbling skills.

30th November 2018

Boys Football

The third league game of the season and the boys came away with another win against Codicote. The match finished 4-0 with 3 goals from Riley and one from Ben S. Jaime collected a well-deserved player of the match. The team was: Jack N, Ben S, Jack S, Jaime, Codi, Riley, Tedros and JB.

20th November 2018

Girls Football

The girls’ team played against Camps Hill. Unfortunately they lost 1-0, but all showed great determination and played exceptionally well. Player of the Match was Bella for her outstanding work in defence, even though it was her first match! The team was: Lexie, Lily, Nina, Georgia, Bella, Darcie, Florence, Megan, Noemi and Ria.

16th November 2018

Boys Football

Another fantastic performance and result from the boys in their second league match of the season: a 6-0 win over St Vincent de Paul. The boys played some great football and each goal was scored by a different member of the team: Ben S, Jack S, Riley, ORP, Tedros and Jaime. Well done to the whole team! The boys hope they can continue their winning streak with their match against Codicote next week.

13th November 2018

Boys Football

Trotts Hill played away to Almond Hill in the Stevenage Schools Cup today and came away with a fantastic 8-2 victory! The game was played in a great sporting manner by all the team: Jack N, Jack S, Ben S, ORP, Riley, JB and Jaime. The goal scorers were: Ben S (4!), ORP, RIley, JB and Jack S. Player of the Match deservedly goes to Jaime for playing his first game for the school. He showed excellent teamwork and passing.

26th October 2018

Girls Football

The girls had a tournament at Marriotts school. They performed well, but did not make it to the quarter finals. They managed to win one match, draw another and then lost the third. The team was: Ria, Georgia, Darcie, Lily, Megan, Ruby, Florence and Nina. The player of the match was Florence as she scored all of the goals. Well done to Lily and Georgia for their great defensive skills. Mr Titus was very proud of the girls’ performance.

20th October 2018

Boys Football Tournament

Great achievement for the Year 5/6 boys today. They managed to reach the final of the Autumn tournament, unluckily losing 2-1 to Knebworth. All the boys were excellent, even getting through to the final with a nerve-racking penalty shootout against Lodge Farm in the semi-finals. Well done all for coming second! The squad was: Jack N, Jack S, Ben S, ORP, Riley, Tedros, Stanley and Leo.

Football at Round Diamond

10 children from Years 4 & 5 took part in a football festival at Round Diamond School.They had a fantastic afternoon winning all their matches with some great goals being scored. They showed great teamwork and enthusiasm.
Well done to Edward P, LB, Harrison, Thomas S, Alfie, JH, Eleah, William P, Koray & Jake P.

12th October 2018

Boys Football vs Martins Wood

Year 5 and 6 boys had a friendly football match against Martins Wood. These games are not about winning and losing, but about enjoyment and having fun. They certainly had plenty of enthusiasm and the game was played in the best sporting manner. Tedros scored in his first ever game for Trotts Hill and Leo was named Player of the Match. William stated at the end of the match how much he had enjoyed playing. Well done to all!
The squad was:
Tedros, George C, Cody D, Kenny, Charlie W, Leo, William, Koray, Harry and Jake.

11th October 2018

Cross Country Event

Today Y5 and 6 participated in a Cross Country event. Everyone ran fantastically. Year 5’s had to run half a mile and Year 6 had to run 1 mile. Well done to all who took part and to Riley for winning the Year 6 boy’s race! Our Year 5 girls also managed to come 6th out of 15 teams! What an amazing achievement!
The team was:
Y5 – Kayla, Charlie W, Eliana, Evie, Florence, Freya, Bella, Jake, JB, Koray, MM, Starla, William
Y6 – Ben S, Isaac, Lexie, Molly, Riley, SE, Stanley

5th October 2018

Boys Football vs Knebworth

A fantastic performance and result for the boys in their first league match of the season with a 5-2 win over Knebworth. A game played with great skill, effort and sportsmanship. Some brilliant goals too, both individual and teamwork. Well done to O-RP for being Player of the Match with two stunning goals. Great work from the whole team: Jack N, Codi, Jack S, Ben S, Stanley, Riley, JB and O-RP.

28th September 2018

Girls Football vs Lodge Farm

Last Friday the Girls played Lodge Farm. They showed lots of determination, even though they lost. The players were: Georgia, Ria, Florence, Naomi, Darcie, Nina, Lily, Ruby, Lexie and Megan. The player of the match was Ria because of her fast thinking, good interception and communicating. The captain was Darcie.