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Shared reading – January 2019

Thank you to all the parents who came to support us with Shared Reading this week. The children loved sharing books together and hearing a wide range of stories.

Decade day – September 2018

We have had a fantastic day celebrating Decade day today. Children (and adults!) have all made an exceptional effort with their costumes, we are very impressed!

Websites for Children

Continue your learning at home by clicking on these hyperlinks to access fun websites:

Remember that it is also our job to help look after you and to keep you safe online. Use this link for more guidance:

Anti Bullying

At Trotts Hill we want all children to feel safe and happy at school.  As part of ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ the whole school explored the theme ‘All Different, All Equal’.  We encourage all children to talk to their class teacher, teaching assistant, Mrs Evans or Miss Moles if they have any worries or friendship issues they wish to talk about.

Anti-bulling week 2017

All different, All equal.

Today we had a whole school playtime where the older children in the school taught the younger children some play time games. It was a great experience for all children. We learnt the importance of sharing, playing kindly and looking after others.

Please remember bullying is: Several Times On Purpose (STOP)

Here are some other websites with advice on Anti Bullying: