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50th Celebrations

50th Celebrations – 2018/19

We are really excited to be celebrating 50 years of Trotts Hill school this academic year and will be completing lots of different events throughout the year to make this momentous occasion.


50 things – sponsored event

  • Anya C did 50 cartwheels, and didn’t even get dizzy!
  • Owen P sold two lots of 50 squares as a raffle, with the chance to win a cake.
  • Bailey S also swam 50m front crawl, 50m butterfly and 50m backstroke whilst on holiday.
  • Kelly did 50 star jumps.
  • Lucas S finished 50 multiplication and division sums!
  • Giulia C walked for 50 minutes
  • MM did 50 cartwheels
  • Katy M completed 50 football kicks
  • Ellie B wrote 50 different animals
  • Eleah S danced for 50 minutes
  • Tynan S walked for 50 minutes
  • Freya and Layla C completed 50 seat drops each on the trampoline
  • Isabelle M made 50 biscuits
  • Ewan S made a tower using 50 duplo blocks
  • Zoe S answered 50 maths questions
  • Harry R hit 50 golf balls in 50 minutes
  • Grace and Lincoln B walked for 50 minutes.
  • Emily B completed 50 seat drops on the trampoline
  • Myah W did 50 star jumps.